About the W Club

The W Club was established in 1949 and set the benchmark on Lettermen Associations. What started as a small alumni group has become an organization with a diverse membership base of over 11,407 Letterwinners representing athletes from thirty-six different sports dating back to 1895. The W Club is comprised of individuals who have earned the University’s varsity athletic insignia “W” for their athletic or team involvement or who have been named as honorary members for their support services.

With a great sense of legacy and pride, the W Club focuses on providing opportunities for members to stay connected to former teammates, the school and the heritage of being a former Badger Athlete. It is just not what or why we do things but in what spirit we approach our mission. There are three core principles of service that member’s value in the W Club.

Building Relationships (People):We celebrate our athletes working as a team and as individuals. We are part of a greater community and are better for this. We support and nurture one and another in life just as we did as teammates. We are thankful and celebrate our time together. We want to see the next generation be successful and learn from those that have come before.

Building a legacy for life (Pride): We take pride in the heritage and traditions of our athletes and University. We recognize the great sacrifices and time invested by many for our athletes to be Varsity Letterwinners. We value being part of a great institution UW-Madison.

Building character (Purpose): We participate in athletics not just for the sport but for the values it instills in us, the challenges we overcome, the opportunity to be something better than when we started. As W Club Letterwinners we understand our legacy continues as much by what we do when we leave the playing field as when we were on it.